65" LG E9 4k Premium OLED HDR10 Smart HDTV, Model OLED65E9PUA (2019)

65" LG E9 4k Premium OLED HDR10 Smart HDTV, Model OLED65E9PUA (2019)
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The OLED65E9PUA is the 65" version of LG's 2019 E9 series of OLED TVs.

The LG E9 is LG's top end OLED consumer TV for 2019, however it is not that much different from the typically less expensive C9. The only difference between the two sets is sound quality and bezel design.

However, these are two of the very best TVs on the market. OLED panels produce remarkable picture quality, and excel with blacks. Viewing angles are also excellent, with no image degradation for close to 180 degrees.

Like all OLED's, the E9 only really has two drawbacks. First, if you are a heavy gamer, and you play games with static images (like a HUD), there is a chance that you will run into some burn-in. Second, as great as the picture looks, OLEDs cannot get quite as bright as some QLED TVs, like the Samsung Q90 series.

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May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020
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