Samsung 82" 8 Series 4k Premium LED HDR Smart HDTV, Model UN82RU8000FXZA (2019)

Samsung 82" 8 Series 4k Premium LED HDR Smart HDTV, Model UN82RU8000FXZA (2019)
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The UN82RU8000FXZA is Samsung's top 82"" LED Model for 2019.

You can decode the model number using the following information: U= LED TV N= meant for US, Canada, Korea 82= 82" screen R= 2019 U= LED TV (again) 8000= 8 Series (slots above 7 series) FXZA= refers to the type of tuner

It's not uncommon to see slightly different model numbers. For example, sometimes TV manufacturers release special ""black friday"" editions of TVs that omit something minor, like a 4th HDMI port. Also, Costco and Sam's Club sometimes get their own models, usually omitting the last "0".

As for performance, the RU8000 series is very strong. It has a matte screen, so it handles glare well, and it supports Freesync, 4k resolution and HDR. In an interesting note, the 2020 8 series (TU8000) is actually a little worse than the RU8000. Samsung apparently moved every LED tier down a unit.

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