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If you’re an American consumer then you’ve probably heard of Costco and it’s famous warehouse stores that offer electronics, groceries, tires, gasoline, furniture, clothing, and so much more at a discounted price. But, this retail playground isn’t open to everyone — a membership is required to be able to reap the benefits Costco has to offer.

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Costco’s History

If you’re an American consumer then you’ve probably heard of Costco and it’s famous warehouse stores that offer electronics, groceries, tires, gasoline, furniture, clothing, and so much more at a discounted price. But, this retail playground isn’t open to everyone — a membership is required to be able to reap the benefits Costco has to offer. Compared to other major retailers like Walmart and Target, Costco’s ‘members only’ warehouse retail model certainly stands out from the pack. It is precisely this unique model that has made Costco such a success. As of 2019, Coscto has over 700 warehouse stores in a handful of countries around the globe and has become a staple of the American consumer marketplace.

So, who founded Costco? Is there only one Costco founder or many? In 1976, a warehouse retailer that sold exclusively to small business named Price Club opened its doors. The company would go on to merge with another warehouse club named Costco — the brainchild of Jeffrey Brotman and Jim Sinegal. As to where Costco was founded, the commonly accepted notion is that the company was founded in San Diego, CA. Since their humble beginnings in San Diego, CA Costco has gone on to become an enormously profitable company that sells an endless list of products at discounted prices. Need bacon and eggs? Costco can handle that EASY. Looking to upgrade to a fancier 4K TV? Costco also has that covered. Need we say more?

Costco Membership

Before you can start loading up your cart with tons of products you’ll need to acquire a Custom membership first. Sadly, Costco isn’t fully open to the public and requires that customers have a valid membership card. The Costco membership cost varies depending on the type of membership you choose to go with — gold star, gold star executive, business, or business executive. Both the gold star and business memberships have an annual fee of $60. The Costco executive memberships, gold star or business, have an annual fee of $120.

Of course, each of these memberships does come with benefits. The Costco gold star includes a free household card and is valid at all Costco locations worldwide — so if you decide to visit a Costco abroad your membership card is still good. Tailored to fit the needs of business owners, the Costco business membership has the same benefits as gold star but also allows card-holders to add new members for $60 and all products purchased at Costco are eligible for resale. On the more expensive side of things, the gold star executive membership includes an annual 2% reward on Costco and Costco Travel purchases and additional benefits on certain services offered at Costco. Last but not least the executive gold star membership includes all of the benefits associated with every other type of membership at Costco. Executive gold star members can resell Costco products, receive an annual 2% return, and etc.

You might be wondering, are there any Costco membership deals I can take advantage of? As a matter of fact, yes.

Costco Membership Deals

Costco does indeed offer deals on their memberships but not in the way you would think necessarily. Instead of discounting their annual membership Costco will sometimes offer a limited time Costco shop card when you purchase your membership for the first time. The shop card will vary in value but you can get as much as $20 for free when you sign up with Costco. Generally speaking, there are a limited number of ways to save on a Costco membership, but first time members should take advantage of these shop card deals when they sign up. It is free money after all.

Arguably, the Costco membership is a deal in itself with the fantastic prices on bulk items you can find at Costco. Normally, most of these items are expensive single units at your grocery store. Costco’s brilliant business model circumnavigates the problem by selling all of their items in bulk — hence the lower prices. One way or another you’re saving when shopping at Costco.

Costco Coupons

There are numerous ways to find coupons for some of your favorite products at Costco. At CompUSA we offer TONS of Costco warehouse coupons for a whole range of products on the shelves of your local Costco. For example, on CompUSA right now you can find awesome Costco warehouse savings on laptops and TV’s.

So, check out our site frequently to find Costco promo codes on just about anything under the sun. Even something as specific as Costco photo promo codes for those family pictures can be found on CompUSA!

Costco Shipping & Return Policy

We all know how packed Costco can get on the weekends with folks doing all of their monthly shopping. What if you wanted to skip the long checkout lines and crowds? Does Costco deliver? That’s an affirmative! Costco has you covered with multiple delivery options to suit your needs. Most products purchased through Costco are delivered by multiple carriers like UPS, USPS, and FedEx. If you opt for UPS mail innovations, UPS will deliver your package to your local post office and they will handle delivery. For large item delivery there are three options — curbside, threshold, and white glove delivery. Threshold ensures that the item is placed inside your home or a dry place. White Glove service will not only place the package inside but take it out of the package and put the item together for you and remove the discardable packaging.

Costco is also pretty flexible when it comes to returns as well. The Costco electronic returns policy allows any electronic purchased within the last 90 says to be returned. Because TV is considered to be an electronic purchase, there is no distinct Costco TV return policy. If that isn’t clutch enough, there also is a Costco mattress return policy which is pretty rare since most retailers don’t allow mattress returns.

If you lost your receipt don’t fret. Costco doesn’t require that customers have a receipt at checkout. Instead, they will use the ID number on your membership card to look up past purchases. Talk about easy.


Costco has become one of my favorite places to shop for a variety of reasons. From great prices to impeccable customer service, Costco truly works to meet the demands of its customers. The impressive amount of effort on Costco’s part makes that $60 membership worth every penny. You are saving money the moment you walk in the door and begin shopping. Stretch your dollar further with coupons and promo codes that can be found online and here on CompUSA. If you don’t see the right deal check back with us! You never know, we might find a coupon for you that’s too good to miss.

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