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We all know how stressful traveling can be; this is especially the case with larger groups of people. From booking flights to hotels, rental cars, and activities there is a lot to keep track of and organize when one goes gallivanting around the globe. Luckily, Expedia founded a service that can make your life a million times easier. Because, after all, you’re technically on vacation right?

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Why Use Expedia?

We all know how stressful traveling can be; this is especially the case with larger groups of people. From booking flights to hotels, rental cars, and activities there is a lot to keep track of and organize when one goes gallivanting around the globe. Luckily, Expedia founded a service that can make your life a million times easier. Because, after all, you’re technically on vacation right?

Expedia’s history is one filled with success and ingenuity. Since its foundation in 1996, Expedia has become an industry leader in the realm of full-service online travel brands. Expedia helps travellers find and book their perfect vacation and offers a vast array of “vacation packages, flights, hotels, rental cars, rail, cruises, activities, attractions, and services.” Customers can easily book flights just about anywhere in the world through Expedia.

Obviously, each traveller has their own needs when it comes to planning their dream vacation. Perhaps you’re a solo traveller looking to do a whirlwind tour around Europe or you’re looking to book a vacation for the whole family somewhere tropical. Expedia has a ton of great value trips and bundle deals suited to all types of travellers.

Expedia really stands out from the pack with its vast array of flight & hotel bundle deals that usually come with a healthy discount on hotel stays. Customers can choose from roughly 280,000 hotels properties on Expedia’s website. Generally speaking, Kayak and Booking.com are the traditional Expedia competition in the marketplace but that has begun to change. Air BnB, Hotels, Trivago, and other smaller but competitive companies are taking their slice of the pie.

Next we’re going to talk about the various deals you could take advantage of if you decide to book a trip through Expedia.

On-Going Deals and Benefits at Expedia

Expedia Vacation Packages One huge advantage of the modern world is the ability to travel to just about anywhere on the planet. Nowadays, travellers can easily trek across Southeast Asia or Western Europe. That being said, the endless plethora of choices available to us today can make things a bit more complicated. For those wishing to simplify their travel checklist, Expedia packages are a great way to get solid vacation deals.

As of today, travellers who take advantage of Expedia bundles can save up to $413 on their trip when they choose an Expedia hotel and flight package. Travellers can earn savings on more than hotel and flight package deals through Expedia however. In addition, Expedia offers all inclusive packages that even cover car rentals and recreational activites. This is especially great for families looking for more than just flights and hotels packages who want to have all of the bases covered.

Expedia Rewards

Generally speaking, rewards programs have become quite common these days. It is important to note that not all rewards programs are created equally either. There is often a sneaky signup fee or a minimum on total purchases for any sort of reward to be redeemed. The Expedia Rewards Points program is a breath of fresh air in terms of its rewards and lack of a paywall. Having my Expedia account has helped me save a lot of money on trips to Europe and the Carribean. It is quite nice to be able to spend your Expedia points on pretty much anything Expedia offers.

Customers can sign up for an Expedia Rewards membership for free. Expedia’s Rewards program has no hidden fees during the signup process nor do they have a minimum on purchases for rewards. Points can be earned whenever a customer purchases a flight through Expedia. According to Expedia’s estimate customers can save roughly $35 per booking with their Expedia Rewards points.

An additional 10% or more can be saved when booking select hotels. The best thing about Expedia’s point system is its flexibility which allows travellers to use their points on just about anything they wish. So, maybe next time you can save a a few dollars on your car rental or planned activities. Either way it’s a win win.

Another caveat is that Expedia offers an Expedia Best Price Guarantee to its members where customers can get a free $50 if they can find a cheaper rate for the same hotel somewhere else online.

Akin to how debit/credit card companies offer their various cards in tiers to target different customers, Expedia casts a wide net too in this regard. Travellers who opted to sign up for the free Rewards membership are designated blue members. There are two additional tiers on offer here – silver and gold.

Expedia Silver status can be earned when customers spend a minimum of USD 5,000 on eligible bookings or staying 7 room nights per year. Silver members gain more perks like free breakfast or VIP amenities.

For customer to be able to use Gold status points, the highest tier, requires a minimum of USD 10,000 to be spent or staying 15 room nights per year. Gold members are offered free room upgrades at selected VIP hotels if any are available. Furthermore, gold members can earn 30% more points when they book.

Now, some companies have expiration dates on their rewards points. Do Expedia points expire? They do not expire if a qualified purchase or redemption is made through Expedia.

Expedia Deals

In addition to Expedia’s robust membership program as well as their built-in bundle savings, there is a lot more to be had here for customers. Another great way to save money when booking through Expedia is their daily deals page. For example, flights to London can be as low as $475 if one wanted to visit in April.

Expedia has daily deals on flights and hotels all over the world. If you’re planning on traveling anywhere I recommend you check Expedia’s daily deals page to see if there is anything awesome.

Saving When Booking In Advance One piece of common wisdom that comes with booking flights is the knowledge that one should use advance booking whenever planning a trip. Booking flights in the very near future can lead to terribly high prices that cost an arm and a leg for relatively little value. Flights that have been rated so-so by Expedia customers can be astronomically expensive.

Expedia’s Travel Smarter deals page offers advance ticket booking to help customers save money on their next trip. This is definitely a GREAT way to save money and take a lot of stress out the chaos that is packing, flying, and planning the elements of your trip.

Flash Sales

Tucked away on the deals page is Expedia’s 72 hour flash sales where certain bookings are deeply marked down for a limited period of time. Travellers can take advantage of flash sales on Tuesday-Thursday only. For example, one can find great values on hotels that are usually much more expensive in various parts of the world. The hotels discounted here are reputable and can easily be less than $100 per night. Going with a flash deal might even save you a few hundred bucks depending on the flight.

Expedia Coupons and Promos

Click here to see all of our current Expedia Coupon and Promo Codes

In addition Expedia offers limited time coupons and promos during major holidays events throughout the year. For example, Expedia held a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in 2019 where Expedia app users could get $100 off a $200 flight and 75% off select hotels. Travellers can find an Expedia coupon code or promotion code by checking the Expedia website and web regularly. Expedia promo codes can also be found on the website with every other type of code.

Needless to say, if you’re planning a trip for the upcoming year or near future I would advise you keep an eye out for an Expedia discount code during the holiday season. It is a fantastic way to save a little money. Veterans can also take advantage of an Expedia military discount by signing up online.

Things to Look Out for When Booking Through Expedia The Day You Book Matters There is a bit of a science when it comes to finding affordable flights. In conjunction with Expedia’s offered deals, coupons, and promos, it is also important to be aware of the day you book your flight and your departure and return dates. These details will play a large role in the price you’re quoted for a flight.

Generally speaking, Tuesday around midnight is the optimal time to book a plane ticket. Conversely, Friday around 3 A.M. is the overall worst time to buy a ticket. Setting your return date to a Tuesday for a domestic flight and Wednesday for international flights is a way to save a little money.

Double Check Everything is All Set Before Departing

Although Expedia does have a pretty solid record within the travel community, it is always best to double check your reservation is all set before you depart. Let’s say you booked a flight + hotel bundle – it’s always good to call the hotel ahead of time to ensure your booking has been arranged.

Another area where double checking is advised is car rentals – especially if you’re going through smaller car rental agencies.


In this article we explored Expedia, a full-service online travel agency that has booked millions upon millions of miles with customers for decades, and took an in depth look on the various deals customers can take advantage of when booking through Expedia.

All-in-all Expedia offers a reputable service with solid benefits for its customers and caters to multiple customer needs. You might have to do a bit of work when digging up the best deal with Expedia but it will be worth it in the end. Who doesn’t want to save a little money?

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