Getting the Best Papa John’s Deals

Papa John’s is a name synonymous with high quality pizza at a low price. They have famously experimented with new and exciting variations of ingredients to produce tasty food for millions of customers. As one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S., this brand has been able to offer its customers all sorts of unique discounts and rewards for being loyal to their pizza.

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Papa John’s is a name synonymous with high quality pizza at a low price. They have famously experimented with new and exciting variations of ingredients to produce tasty food for millions of customers. As one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S., this brand has been able to offer its customers all sorts of unique discounts and rewards for being loyal to their pizza.

While the company is very open about its deals, rewards, and discounts, it’s important for potential customers to be aware of how they can save money when they don’t feel like cooking for a night. Here is how you can get the most out of your order with Papa John’s!

Having Your Papa John’s Pizza Delivered

When you’re craving pizza from Papa John’s, the first thing that you want to do is find one of their restaurants in your neighborhood. After all, part of the hassle of everyday life is that you must run around to get the ingredients for dinner and then make it. So, instead of wondering “Is there a Papa John’s near me?”, the best thing to do is check online using their location tool to find one that is close enough for pickup or willing to deliver.

Papa John’s delivery service is available at the vast majority of locations, and you can use it to get piping hot pizza delivered to your door. All you have to do is contact the store by calling your local number or by ordering online and you’re in business. However, ordering over the phone, while putting you in direct contact with your pizza maker, comes with some disadvantages.

For example, you can’t see all the available deals like you can when you order online. That’s why it’s a good idea to boot up the computer or pull out your smartphone, go to Papa John’s website, and have a look at their menu from there.

Why Ordering Online is the Way to Go

As we’ve previously mentioned, directly ordering from the site or from the app lets you see Papa John’s menu and all the current Papa John’s specials that they are running. Even without considering Papa John’s discounts or rewards program, you’ll see that they offer many deals throughout certain times of the week or specials related to holidays and sports events.

Ordering online is also convenient since you’re most likely going to anyways go online to look up your local Papa John’s when preparing to order. Just register on the site and start getting discounted and delicious pizza.

The Ways You Can Get Papa John’s Deals

Papa John’s is a company that was made to give people high-quality pizza and the chance to eat at a lower cost than other pizzerias. That’s why it’s important to be informed of the various deals, offers, and rewards that they provide like the ones we will explore here.

Local Deals

The first sort of deal that you can get through Papa John’s is found on the “Specials” page on their website. Here, you can enter your location and the store’s website will populate the space with various discounts that you can get for ordering a certain amount of a product or buying food at a certain time.

Papa John’s has partnered with many sports teams, giving people the chance to get discounted or free pizza when the local team wins. Oftentimes, customers will be given a Papa John’s promo code that they can use to get their product.

There are some other people that get a discount for being a customer at Papa John’s. You can get a Papa John’s military discount at many of the stores, so if you show your military I.D. at the store, you can get a discount on products within.

Last but not least, if you’re over the age of 55, the chances are good that you qualify for a senior discount. Not all stores participate, so call ahead and make sure that you get an added 25% off your order.

The Papa John’s Rewards Program

Another great thing about Papa John’s is that they have a loyalty program that works as a rewards system. Essentially, you accrue points for ordering food on the site, using the app, or at certain stores. You can save up your Papa John’s reward points to get “Papa Dough”, which you can then spend on any food on the menu. This is significant because some food chains will only let you redeem points for certain items, but Papa John’s allows customers to get anything.

The points system was recently overhauled to provide 1 point for every $1 that is spent on the site and additional rewards when you spend certain amounts of money. For example, $75 in an order will earn you 75 reward points, which you can redeem for $10 of Papa Dough. They presently have no limits on the number of points that a customer can earn through this program.

However, rewards points are not the only way that you can get discounts and free food.

Getting the Most from Papa John’s App

The Papa John’s App is akin to having a mobile ordering platform available to you without having to access the internet. However, the thing that is most useful about this app is the chance to get unique offers when you use it.

For example, one of the recent offers by Papa John’s includes using your Apple TV to place an order. That way, you can pause your streaming show or movie and then order the pizza without even getting up. Papa John’s has incentivized this, giving people who use the system an automatic 25% off of their total order.

In addition, the app uses “one tap” tools to make your ordering process easy and fast so you can get back to doing what you love rather than figuring out dinner for tonight. Your previous orders can be easily pulled up on the screen and then re-ordered again if you want. If your order was perfect, why change it?

Delivery Reminders

When you are waiting for your delivery, it’s a good idea to keep a few things in mind. Check on your pizza when it gets there to make sure that you have the proper order. There is nothing more disappointing than discovering you haven’t gotten the correct order.

Fortunately, if you call the store within 30 minutes of your delivery, then they will send you a free replacement with their apologies to make everything right.

And don’t forget to tip! How much to tip pizza delivery drivers is up to you, but $3 is considered the minimum, and the more you tip, the happier the driver will be to deliver to you in the future.

Another thing that is wise to do is to keep your I.D. handy for people that are using them for discounts through the military or getting a senior discount.

How to Contact Papa John’s for Help If you decide that you need to call Papa John’s number to report an issue, or to tell them about your wonderful experience, you can look up Papa John’s phone number near you, or the company can be reached at 877-547-7272.


Papa John’s offers a lot of different ways to save money and eat great food. They have a mobile app that offers promos, local stores partnering with sports teams, rewards points, and various methods of saving money for military vets and older individuals.

As long as you know what to look for on the site or on the app, you’ll be able to save money and have some delicious pizza delivered hot to your door!

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