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Ever look at old photos and wonder who some of the people are or where they came from? And not just as in your hometown or parents, but going further back. Where are all of your ancestors from? What is your true genetic makeup and from what countries and places around the world did the people in your family tree come from and come together to create you? With a testing kit from 23andMe, you can find out. And it is all done simply. You order the kit from their site, or purchase it at stores like Walmart, CVS, Target and more. Once you have it, you follow the instructions, including spitting in the provided tube. Then you register with the specific bar code and send it all back in the pre-paid packaging. In a few weeks, you will be alerted to access your online account and start to learn what your DNA says about you. The basic kit is $99 and offers you ancestry reports for over 1500 regions, as well as DNA relative finder, an automatic family tree builder and a traits report. If you spend more for the added Health kit, you can access all of the above, plus a Health Predisposition report, a Carrier status report and a Wellness report. A lot of information just for spitting in a tube. On the website, you can read reviews and other experiences using the service. You can also download apps for iOs and Android devices, to take your information with you anywhere, from the next family gathering to your doctor's office. With 23andMe you can find information you never dreamed possible. And maybe find some long-lost or never known about relatives and expand your family tree in ways never before possible. The added Health information is not only great for you, but is an amazing added benefit to pass down to your own children, looking out for them and their future.

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