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Acer is a company which is trying to change the world of technology, by producing a high quality line of electronics and hardware, from desktop PCs and laptops, to smartphones, monitors, projectors, and even cloud solutions for not only home or business use, but also for governments. They strive to make the most cutting edge examples of technology accessible to the every-day person. They do so much more than new technology as they have mastered daily objects, like laptops and software. They are not too focused on giving you the best home computer to forget about the video game industry. Video games are just as vital to the future prospects of the technologically minded Acer Company. Their line of products is vast, with items in their Extensa series, as well as Iconia, Aspire, TravelMate, Predator, Aspire One, TimelineX, Nitro and Swift. And their brands extend beyond just the Acer name to include Packard Bell, Predator, Pawbo and Xplova. With oveer 7,000 employess and operating in 70 countries, Acer is out to make a difference. This includes different initiatives, like grandPad, their foray into making products and developing solutions for senior citizens. Or their purchase of iGware, involved with cloud software and infrastructure tools. Acer has also made inventments in companies like Jibo, a robotics start-up, and Pawbo, a pet camera producer. With laptop or notebook computers the most popular style old, Acer has dedicated time and money to forging ahead to become a major seller in this high-volume market, with lower-priced items to meet consumer needs, including various styles of laptop PCS like clamshells, 2-in-1s, convertibles and Chromebooks, favored by students around the world. With their Predator brand, they have found a niche in the gaming marketplace with PCs and accessories, with Predator brands including Helios, Triton and Thronos, available where any gaming needs are found.

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