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Computer companies number in the hundreds, at least, and can be found in countries around the world. It is hard to know which is better than another, but there are definitely some that have more of a presence than others. One that is well known is the Taiwan-based but global-serving company Asus, a name derived from the mythical flying horse Pegasus. The company started out just crating motherboards, but now, with over 12,000 employees, develops and produces products like notebook and netbook computers, motherboard, graphic cards and more, as well as high-tech IT innovations. One of their products is the Ultrabook known as the ASUS TAICHI, which has a doubled-sided display for touch screens, that can work as both a handy tablet or a notebook computer. The Transformer Book is another Ultrabook, this one a notebook with a hard drive and storage capabilities, as well as a SSD tablet. They also offer Windows RT and 8 tablets, and an array of cutting-edge, in-demand products, and some leading the way in cloud technology. With over 4,000 various awards and their profits climbing, there seems to be no end to the growth ASUS has enjoyed. Products they manufacture include Laptops and 2-in-1 PCs, their long-standing, quality motherboards and graphics cards, as well as displays and projectors, and networking options, audio options, peripheral and data storage, gaming necessities, AloT & Industrial Solutions, Commercial-servers and workstations and Server and Workstation options. If it is high-tech and needed for a modern business, you can bet ASUS makes it, and of the highest quality you can find. Also check out their ProArt platform, made to make performance the main goal by removing barriers to offer a complete, professional work space and let your imagination run the show. Browse by operating system, size, CPU, connectivity and more to pinpoint the exact item for your needs.

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