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BJ's has developed a reputation in the popular culture for the bulk items they are famous for, like the joke of leaving the store with a 50 gallon size jar of peanut butter, or why buy one box of mac and cheese when you can buy a case of 100! It is humorous, but there is a basis on fact, since they do sell items in larger size or bulk sizes as a way to save money, for the company and then to pass on to the shoppers of the stores. An American membership-only warehouse club chain operating on the East Coast of the United States and the states of Ohio and Michigan, BJ's does offer household items, food, clothing and more, often in bulk sizes for better savings overall. From foods off all shapes, styles, brands and sizes, to fruits and vegetables and bakery items, almost all of your grocery needs can be met at a BJ's Warehouse location. Household items, like toilet paper, paper towels, baby supplies like diapers, laundry detergents and home cleaning supplies are found among the savings. Clothes are also for sale, as are electronics, movies, music, books and more. BJs has a few options to join, like the BJ's Perks Rewards for $110 a year, which offers 2% cash back, a second card for a household member, same day delivery, coupons, low BJ's gas prices, the mobile app, use of the Optical center, the Tire center, BJ's Travel and the exclusive BJ's brands. The Inner Circle level is only $55 a year and features some of the same options above, but not all. For their Online Access plan, you get a 1-day online pass, then it is $10 per year. BJ's also partnered with Mastercard for the BJ's Perks Mastercard, where you can get up to 5% cash back, plus 10 cents off a gallon of BJ's gas.

Shopping Tips

  1. Free grocery delivery with code BJS2020FD, with a $35 minimum purchase.
  2. BJ's Perks Mastercard offers 5% cash back on most BJ's purchases for th Elite card or 3% cash back with the Plus card. Both also offer 10 cent off BJ's gas every day, 2% cash back dining out, 2% cash back at non-BJ's gas stations, 1% cash back shopping anywhere else. You can use your awards in-Club or on in $20 increments.
  3. With the BJ's App, you can click and access coupons to use with the items you purchase in store.

Customer Service
Phone: 1-800-257-2582
Email: [email protected]

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Samsung CB4 Chromebook, 11.6" HD Display, Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Intel UHD Graphics 600, Model XE310XBA-K01US
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