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Motorola has been around for a long time, and they offer the claim that their company are the ones who created the mobile communications industry we know today, having been the ones to develop and create the methods and technologies that make the whole field even a reality. And this goes on to include not only the very first mobile phone but also the first base station and nearly all else associated with mobile advancement. Now, they are a company that offers mobile and smartphones and other devices to shoppers and consumers eager for the newest and highest tech items around. Their line of phones use the Android platform, which rivals Apple's iOS system as most popular. Combining their vast store of tech knowledge with style and popularity, they hope to always be moving forward, advancing the mobile landscape like they always have. Their line of phones include the Razr, Motorola One, Moto Z, Moto G and Moto E, currently. They also have Moto Mods, Moto 5G, Moto Stereo Speakers, power packs, JBL SoundBoost speakers, a Moto 360 Camera and the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. They even offer a watch, the Moto 360. Accessories they produce include the Lenovo Smart Display, the razr sleeve, wireless headphones and headsets, power and charging options, bluetooth speakers, dash cams, baby and home monitors, smart safes, smart nursery items, modems and routers, and other home and office products. With over 100 million Moto Gs having been sold so far, you know they are a force not to mess with in the mobile device playing field. You can also take advantage of the MotoCare comprehensive device protection plan for up to two years of coverage to protect in case of accidental damage and to get a new device in your hands ASAP. Learn more about their efforts to help the environment and how to recycling old electronics to help in your own way.

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Updated Aug 11, 2020
128GB Motorola One Action Unlocked Smartphone Denim Blue [PAGL0003US]
128GB Motorola One Action Unlocked Smartphone Denim Blue [PAGL0003US]
Experience fast connectivity with this denim blue Motorola One Action smartphone. The 4GB of RAM and octa-processor ensure high-speed responses, while the 12MP front and triple rear cameras shoot flawless HD photos and 4K videos. This 128GB Motorola One Action smartphone features a 3500 mAh lithium-polymer battery to keep you available and a fingerprint reader for secure access. - GSM+CDMA 4G LTE Connectivity - North American Variant - 2.2 GHz Exynos 9609 Octa-Core CPU - Compatible with All Major US Carriers
$199.99 $349.99
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