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25 years ago, a man named Omidyar had an idea for an online business, a virtual marketplace, and he brought it to life as eBay, in his home in San Jose. From those humble beginnings, an online entity was born, and shoppers were introduced to the biggest virtual shopping experience ever, at least at the time. In a sort of flea market or yard sale open to the entire world, buyers could browse the items offered by individual sellers from all over the world, and make bids on these items. With this online auction format, bidders had to wait for the end of the time frame specified to see if their bid was the highest, winning bid - making them the "winner" of the items. Of course, that mainly meant you had to pay for the item now. But that was the hook. Trying to get the item you wanted for the lowest price possible. As buyers and sellers continued this process, they were able to leave feedback for each other, make others aware of the reliability of sellers, as well as the buyers themselves. It gave a feeling of security to know the seller you were buying some odd chotcke from hadn't flaked on others before. eBay has become a part of modern life now, and when people think of some old item from their childhood, or need a very specific part for some old machine or game, or even just vintage clothing or furniture, eBay is a place they know they can check and, usually, successfully work with. And eBay sellers have gone on to create their own virtual stores, offering anything you can think to purchase. Of course, the company gets a partial fee from sales made via their site. Over the years, the company has grown and acquired various other businesses, like the popular PayPal, which is a preferred method of payment for many using eBay, as well as letting it go and become a seperate entity in 2015. eBay also picked up the classified website Craigslist. In 2005, they bought the video communications company Skype, which then was sold to Microsoft in 2011. They bought other companies, like StubHub, Corrigon and Qoo10.jp.

Shopping Tips for Ebay

  1. Make sure to distinguish between "seller refurbished" and "manufacturer refurbished" items on eBay. "Manufacturer refurbished" means the manufacturer is putting their name behind the item, and will usually appear to be new and carry a warranty of some type. Seller refurbished can be hit or miss.
  2. You can collect "eBay Bucks" with every purchase. In some cases, eBay will offer an increased % back.
  3. Make sure to download the eBay App. eBay is known to offer app-only coupons and discounts throughout the year.

Contact Ebay

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  • Bus Double Decker icon Shipping on eBay is left up to the sellers. For "Daily Deals", shipping is usually free.