Token FAQ

Q: What can I do with my tokens?

As of now, tokens can be used to enter our giveaways. The process is straightforward- you just click the “enter now” button on the giveaway and that will virtually throw your name in the hat.

In the near future, you might even be able to exchange your tokens directly with our partners for goods, avoiding the uncertainty of a giveaway.

Q: What happens to my tokens when I “spend” them?

We keep track of tokens two different ways.

The first is on a ledger, like a checkbook. You earn tokens and then spend them, just like you would dollars. When the tokens are spent, they are gone.

However, even spent tokens will help you progress on the “gatherer” badge font. There, your spent tokens don’t count against you.

Q: Do I need to register to earn tokens?

Yes. We will track tokens earned during a session for unregistered users, but if you leave the site, those tokens will be lost. Also, you can’t spend them until you are registered.

Q: Does that mean that I need to give you my email address/Facebook account if I’m going to use Deal Central?

No, it doesn’t. Obviously we would prefer that you register, but if you just want to see the best deals on the internet every day, that is fine as well. That will still be an awesome experience.